To say I was terrified of driving would be something of an understatement, but over the last few months, Giselle has helped me become so much more confident and comfortable on the road. Her patience and laid-back attitude is perfect for anyone who's a little nervous about getting behind the wheel.
With Giselle, I felt immediately as though I was learning to drive with a friend, which was ideal for putting me at my ease. With her help, I passed first time! I'd highly recommend Pedals to any learner.
Sam Scott - 14 March 2016

I can wholeheartedly recommend Giselle as a fantastic driving instructor. To begin with I was quite nervous, but Giselle is such a warm and welcoming person she put me at ease straight away. She is a highly skilled instructor, quickly and easily identifying any weaknesses and finding the best ways to help you address these. Giselle will help you develop skills to become a good, safe and confident driver. She is very supportive, lesson are great fun and I ve gained a lovely friend in the process of learning to drive!
Thank you Giselle!
Kate Petty - 3 February 2016

I started driving where I used to live when I was 17 and failed three tests! While learning with Giselle 9 years on I have been able to build my confidence, she has been wonderfully patient and a fantastic teacher. With her I managed to pass my test first time (this time around!). I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive, especially those who are nervous and need someone to help them build confidence!!
Heather Inns - 1 February 2016

Giselle helped me become a safe and confident driver in less than 4 months and I had no previous driving experience! She was an amazing instructor, very friendly and relaxed at all times even though I was a very nervous driver. She always managed to compliment me on my driving even when I was giving her a hard time. I would and I have recommended her to my friends, she is a great teacher and I now consider her a friend too, Thank you Giselle!
Ophélie Martinot - 21 October 2015

I was so nervous to start driving but Giselle had instilled much more confidence in me by the end of my lessons! She doesn't just teach you to get you through the test but to be a safe and confident driver afterwards.
Madeleine Skillen - 12 August 2015

Without a doubt the most fantastic driving instructor I have ever had. I came from Stroud, Gloucs. where I had been with numerous driving instructors and sorts spending hundreds and hundreds of £ not realising that the tuition was absolutely dreadful. Hence failing my driving test first time round. After a solid year lapse in my driving, I started Bath Uni as a fresher - picked up driving again with Giselle. After a mere 10 lessons I passed today with only two minor faults: 1 for control during a left reverse manoeuvre and another for appropriate speed. I mean it's not even worth noting because they are so minor its not even worth it! My test examiner also had the nickname of Fail-ey Bailey because he is said to be so stringent. It is without a doubt the preparation, calm manner and perseverance from Giselle which made me pass today. I can absolutely 100% vouch for Giselle being the sole reason why I passed. Every single bad habit I had was put into place making me a much better, confident driver. Again, all in 10 lessons with a year lapse in driving. Don't waste your money on other instructors - I have and it cost me financially so much it makes me cringe thinking about it. Thanks Giselle!
Rory Thomas - 2 March 2015

Giselle has been a fantastic instructor, not only teaching me skills that allowed me to pass my test first time, but helping me become a safe and confident on the road. She is organised and professional, providing written hand outs to back up the things you learn in the car, whilst presenting a relaxed and friendly persona in lessons to quickly put you at ease. Having previously tried learning over a number of years, with various driving instructors, Giselle was the only one who gave me the confidence to become a driver.
Sophie Yoell - 7 June 2014

Ashleigh let the world know via social media that she passed her driving test today. Thank you for getting her up to the required standard in such a short time, I'm delighted that she passed the test on her first attempt and I can't thank you enough for getting her over one of modern life's most important hurdles. I will, of course, drop the name Pedals into conversations every chance I get from now on :)
Mike Scoates(Ashleigh's Dad) - 4 March 2014

It's been a few years since you saw me to passing my test in Bath, but approx 11 weeks ago at 3 in the morning I raced my wife to a hospital in Sydney and she gave birth to Mae our amazing daughter.
I must admit flying over the harbour bridge and past the opera house is a long way from hill starts in Bath and it did bring a smile to my face thinking of those early morning lessons.
This is just a ever grateful thankyou message. Hope it s a good start to your day.
Mike - 12 October 2013

Giselle is a superb instructor. When I started with Pedals, I had been learning on and off for a short while and was very unsure of my own abilities. In just over a month, however, Giselle gave me the skills and confidence to pass my test at the first attempt. I simply cannot thank her enough.
Charles - 14 August 2013

After graduating from university one of my first priorities was to learn how to drive. Giselle was an excellent instructor, and I feel I have not only come away with a full driving license but with a wealth of extra knowledge about being a safe and intelligent driver. I would recommend (and have recommended!) Pedals unconditionally to anyone looking for a driving instructor in the Bath area.
Feroz - 16 July 2013

I was given three driving lessons by Ms Giselle and thankfully I passed my practical test. It is a relive when things are done properly.
Abdullah - 24 May 2013

To my shame I have been a serial driving test failer. Having Googled local instructors in the Bath area, I discovered Pedals Ltd and the excellent Giselle. In my varied learner history, I've experienced several instructors, nobody has ever been able to teach me as clearly and practically as Giselle. I've valued her totally no-nonsense approach to driving tuition, she keeps you on your toes and explains very clearly all the things you need to know in order to become a good driver and pass your test. As it happened, thanks to her excellent tuition, I passed my driving test today. If you live in the Bath area and are looking for a driving instructor who'll really teach you how to drive, look no further than Pedals Ltd.
Matthias - 22 May 2013

After previously failing my test 3 times with a different instructor, I was incredibly pleased to pass my test on my 1st attempt after learning with Giselle. She is an excellent and thorough teacher who has boosted my driving confidence immensely. I now feel that when I do drive on my own I will have the skills to do so safely as Giselle has taught me not to just be a 'test bunny'. I really recommend Giselle! Thanks Giselle!
Francesca - 10 April 2013

Giselle is a super instructor! I moved from the USA and needed to get a UK licence. She was able in a short time to iron out my bad habits and not only pass the test but become a safer driver. My highest recommendation!
Paul - 20 March 2013

After years of on and off driving lessons and really low confidence I found Giselle on Google and thought I'd give it one last try, so at the end of September I booked a lesson and have not looked back, her friendly encouragement and no nonsense approach made me quickly feel more capable and as soon as I started to believe in myself it all started to make sense. So after barely 4 months of driving with Pedals I found myself sitting a test and happily passing first time with only 2 minors, which at the age of 41 is pretty good going!
So after a week of independant driving I have done over 200 miles and can still hear Giselle talking me through every manoevre and roundabout I've managed on my own, thank you for changing my life.
Anna - 03 February 2013

Giselle was a brilliant instructor for me - I had previously received very poor reliability from some of the big national driver instructor companies (BSM / RED / Bennets) before contacting her and I was anxious this was going to continue - however, even right from the beginning she was pro-actively communicating and sending me tips for my theory test (she had remembered which day it was from our brief conversation). The lessons combined a good dose of theory (complete with toy cars) and the corresponding driving practise. I had a tight schedule in which to pass my test and she was very flexible and helpful at fitting in my lessons. She was very good with my verging-on-autistic pedantic humour and we always had a good chat during the lessons. We had a few tense times relating to my late-night lifestyle and attempts to drive on 4 hours sleep but with a good bit of discipline we got there in the end - I passed first time with only two minor faults. As a committed cycling fanatic I think it improved my driver awareness for the benefit of everyone. Thanks Giselle!
Nick - 11 January 2013

It's been a real pleasure having Giselle as my instructor. I was very pleased to pass first time with only 2 minors and a lot of this I owe to her practical, patient, progressive and approachable attitude throughout the process. Her versatile and effective teaching methods give you, the student, a great feeling of confidence and enable you to relax as much as possible while still remaining focused on learning.
Her friendly and approachable manner mean it's also a fun experience. Balancing the praise and constructive criticism is always dealt with professionally and although we all make mistakes, Giselle consistently manages them all comfortably and offers suggestions for improvement ensuring my driving skill improves in standard as much as possible.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a driving instructor and I look forward to exploring further training in the future!
Sam - 16 October 2012

Giselle is just excellent! She is patient and she detects very quickly what might be your weak points. She puts you at ease and explain all that you have to do in a way that you will understand straight away. After failing 5 times, I found Giselle and she helped me to finally pass (with only 2 minors). I think that the best thing about Giselle is that she never makes you feel like you are hopeless, always telling you what you are doing right and helping you to do better what you might be doing not so well. She will teach you to drive well and safely, not only for the test, but for life!
(I don't know how she does it, but everytime you are in a section of road that might be dangerous, her voice will come to your head, telling you to do the right thing "You see, that's the most dangerous road in Bath! Many people died here! Keep it in a safe speed..."
Fernanda - 17 September 2012

This week I passed with only 3 minors and owe a lot of that score to Giselle. When she took me on she had her hands full with someone (me) who thought they always knew best but struggled to stay focused when multiple decisions/variables were in play. Giselle kept adapting her teaching approach to give me the tools and ideas that I could easily grasp so I could became a safe, responsible, controlled and good driver. Giselle sets a high standard - one which I'm glad will leave a permanent impression on me. I am proud to have been under Giselle guidance and hard work and would recommend Giselle to anyone! Thanks Giselle!
Martin - 14 August 2012

I came to Giselle after failing my practical test 3 times with 2 other instructors and passed today with only 2 minors. I can honestly say the Giselle's teaching methods have made me a more confident and a safer driver, compared to the nervous wreck I was when I started my lessons with her. Not only does she teach you to pass the test, she teaches you the tips to drive safely in the real world. Huge thanks to her and I will definitely be coming back to do my Pass Plus.
Kirsty - 9 May 2012

Giselle was extremely patient and encouraging. The lessons were relaxed, very informative and I feel much more confident about driving in adverse conditions having done the pass plus. I can thoroughly recommend Giselle and Pedals fro anyone looking to take their test or their pass plus course! Thanks!
Greg - 4 May 2012

Everyone needs a teacher at every stage of life for everything new they do. And Giselle is one of them. I thank Giselle for teaching me how to drive safe despite the hard times I have given her. I would gladly recommend Pedals Ltd. for your driving lessons.
Nethaji - 2 May 2012

I was terrified of driving, but Giselle has been very patient with me, and it's all worked out in the end, as I passed second time. She's been great fun to learn with, and I really feel that I can make the transition from learner to real world driver with all the defensive driving skills she's taught me. I've lost count of the times we were driving along laughing at something or other, and even when things weren't going all that well, Giselle always managed to find something positive to make me feel better about my driving. I would, and have, recommended Pedals to my friends. Thanks Giselle, and I will miss our lessons!
Jane - 22 March 2012

Giselle is a great teacher, she's taught me from completely new to driving to passing my driving test on the first attempt. She has also taught me plenty of invaluable road experiences and is very approachable and friendly. Highly recommended!
Henry - 1 March 2012

Pedals is a great driving school to learn with. Giselle is very helpful and makes you feel comfortable and confident when learning to drive. I passed first time with no minors!
Lewis - 15 December 2011

I don't think it's too much to say thank God this woman exists. I was miserable and convinced I would never pass, Giselle went beyond my expectations and made me a safer, more competent driver by investing a lot of time, effort and patience in me. I used to dread driving lessons before I found Pedals Ltd, now I am still reeling from passing yesterday, with much better results than I imagined. As all these reviews attest, she is the business.
Ashleigh - 19 July 2011

Giselle if a brilliant teacher, I passed first time with her! She helped me over come my fears of driving, improved my technique and prepared me for real world driving, as well as how to pass my test! I used to look forward to me driving lessons with Pedals rather than dread them like i had done with previous teachers! On top of all that she will become a great friend too! I would thoroughly recommend Pedals, she is fantastic!!
Emilie - 1 July 2011

Giselle is an amazing teacher!! I started as a very nervous beginner and went on to pass my practical test first time, she has a friendly and approachable personality and not only will she be your teacher, she will become a friend! Could not of done it without her and so happy that thanks to Giselle I have the confidence to go out driving on my own. Definately recommend.
Donna - 9 Jun 2011

Giselle is a fantastic teacher, who has greatly improved my driving technique and confidence, I passed today on my first attempt. Thoroughly recommended.
Daniel - 7 Jun 2011

I passed my test today on the first go and after a very few hours of lessons with Giselle. She helped me find myself comfortable and confident behind the wheel, which was what exactly I needed to pass my test. Thank you very much Giselle!
Reza - 20 May 2011

For an instructor who will become your friend and see you through from scary start to driving with ease.
Jo - 18 May 2011

Giselle is a calm and confident teacher who took me from being an absolute beginner (at the age of 38!) to passing my test last week, and having started to drive on my own since then, I am finding that I'm already really enjoying it! Thoroughly recommended.
Daniel W. - 9 May 2011

I was a very nervous, unconfident driver to begin with, but Giselle totally put me at my ease! She made me laugh and really not stress about the whole driving experience! I passed my test on the first go with Pedals last week and I now feel confident about buying a car and driving around (which last year seemed to be a dream - I though I was destined for a life on public transport). Thank you Giselle!
Kate - 8 Feb 2011

Absolutely fantastic driving lessons. Giselle is very good at giving you confidence while also being honest and very productive! Managed to pass both the theory and practical first time thanks to her help :)
Rich - 7 Jan 2011

Giselle was an absolutely great teacher. I was very nervous about driving, and she taught me appropriately for that, pushing me when I needed it but making sure I was comfortable, making me the confident driver I am now. I passed first time, with much better results than I would ever have expected. I really enjoy driving now, which I never thought was possible, as I was such a nervous wreck when driving before I came to Pedals. She became more of a friend than a teacher by the end, and I would throughly recommend learning to drive with her!
Anna - 31 Aug 2010

A friend of mine had talked about Pedals so I decided to give it a try. I was very pleased with the result. Not only did I learn to perfect my driving in less than 2 weeks, I also managed to get invaluable advice when driving in difficult situations. Giselle is a great instructor and I would easily recommend her to any of my friends! Thanks again!
Axel - 9 Jul 2010

I just passed my test first time through Pedals! Giselle is a great instructor especially for those nervous about driving! She is very patient and will give you a push when you need it!
Emma - 1 Jul 2010

I had such a great time learning to drive with Giselle! I had been recommended through a friend and couldn't be more grateful for the recommendation. Giselle made me at ease straight away and never lost her temper or patience with me. She also taught me to become a defensive driver by spending a lot of time working on my hazard perception. Hopefully, this will reduce my chance of being involved in an accident (fingers crossed!). Thanks to Giselle, I managed to pass first time!! :)
Virginie - 8 Jun 2010